Graduation Stress for College Students

Nearing the end of my college career, I realized how different my peers and classes treat the ‘best 4 years of your life’. When I was a freshman, everyone thought that all classes were optional, Tuesdays were always a perfect night to grab a drink with friends, and the summer was perfect for relaxing for 3 months. Now, however, stress is abundant on campus. Figuring out a summer internship and how to become an adult is a conversation topic I have more than once a day with a friend or classmate. Social media and the rise of technology has only made this more evident. People constantly posting about their career success or how they landed a new job makes me feel like I am behind everyone else. I am not alone in feeling this. I am constantly hearing about how stressed out other students are to succeed. It is also hard to realize that the whole internship thing is a relatively new phenomenon, meaning that a lot of our parents cannot truly understand how to motivate us since they don’t truly understand what an internship really is or means. (This obviously doesn’t apply to a ton of adults). There are three weeks left of school and I have no idea what I am doing this summer. I get almost a text every day from a friend asking for my summer plans which just adds onto the stress also. While this blog is mostly used for things I find online or in the news, it was hard to think of anything else to write besides this at this point in the year.


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