April Fools –Curtsy

If any of you have downloaded the app, “Curtsy”, you probably received a weird email on April 1st, 2017. The subject line read, “UGA administration bans Curtsy”. Curtsy is an app where college girls can rent out their clothes to other people in the area. Although I do not ever use the app, this subject line caught my attention since Curtsy seems extremely harmless if their entire foundation is dress rentals through college kids. Upon reading the email, the company claimed that they put 1,000 fake parking tickets on people’s cars and that the University was very unhappy with this and banned them. They also claimed that they were already on thin ice after passing out cookies without a license and covering the dorms in flyers….which made no sense to me honestly.

Below is the picture they sent, showing their ‘fake’ ticket on the left and a real downtown Athens ticket.

My first thought was, how is it that there is apparently 1,000 spots downtown but I can never find one.


They also included this “We didn’t consider that parking officers would have to work overtime to remove the tickets, or that some girls would immediately drop their phone upon seeing them, and their screens would shatter.”. Haha what?!?! I actually read this out loud to my roommates because I thought it was so strange to say.

This email was sent on Saturday at 8 AM and at Sunday around 3 PM, I received another email. This one read:

“Happy April Fools 🙂  

No worries Girlbosses, Curtsy is here to stay.

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s prank as much as we did.

Team Curtsy”

I don’t know if this prank was actually funny to anyone but I thought it was just annoying and kind of strange. I am all for April Fool’s Pranks, but sending two emails that are pointless made me want to block their email since I considered it SPAM at that point.



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