The Real American Horror Story

As an avid fan of American Horror Story, it was extremely interesting to hear that Ryan Murphy, who produces and writes for the show, mentioned that season 7 would grapple with the 2016 presidential election. Ryan Murphy also produces American Crime Story, another FX anthology that follows true stories in American history; the next season is covering the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal. American Horror Story is known for it’s extreme gore, insane murderers, and butchering pig men….so I am unsure how the election will fit in with the usual characters. Murphy also mentioned that season 7 will link to season 4, Freak Show. Even if you didn’t watch American Horror Story, you probably remember the never-ending memes and pictures of the terrifying clown from that season.


Whether Ryan Murphy will be making a political stance on the election or is just trying to gain more viewers by tying in a subject we are all well versed in by now is still up in the air. The theme of season 7 will be announced in the Spring of 2017, so we might get more information then on how Murphy has linked a relationship to the election and Freak Show…(Season 4 also took place in the year 1952 so that’s also confusing to many).

One thing we do know, is that this election, which was a huge television event for everyone in America, will prove to be a hot topic for awhile.


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