Spotify reacts on exclusive deals

If this isn’t the first time to my blog, you probably have seen my two other posts about the new age of exclusive music. Spotify has started to realize that its true power lives in its followers. As of September 2016, Spotify had 40 million paying subscribers, with around 100 million total, and that number only continues to grow. To give you perspective, Apple Music has around 13 million subscribers and Tidal is around 3 million. Spotify is doing a months long promotional campaign for Katy Perry’s new album. Their goal is that if the album does really well, it will set a reputation for Spotify as the most popular and used streaming service. I read about this whole idea last night and this morning when I was scrolling through my Instagram, I saw this:


I had to actually go and find the post, but it popped up a sponsored Ad on my normal feed. Spotify is doing this whole campaign for FREE also. “The promotional push includes ads on Spotify’s interface, emails to subscribers, links to concert tickets within Spotify, and billboards in Los Angeles and London. “We didn’t ask for a billboard,” Martin Kirkup, a partner at the marketing firm that represents Perry told Bloomberg. “[Spotify] offered it.” was written on the Verge.

Spotify’s global head of creator services has said that exclusives (like the ones that Tidal and Apple Music have begun to cling on to) are “bad for artists, bad for consumers, and bad for the whole industry.”

Katy Perry Spotify Ad .png

As another indicator of Spotify’s reach, Ed Sheehan, when releasing his two new songs, “Shape of You” and “Castle on The Hill” tweeted a widget leading to Spotify, making a pretty obvious statement about Sheeran’s view on the streaming service. Both of those songs also broke the record for most streams on Spotify in a 24 hour period, at over 6 million each.


With previous rumors about how Spotify was going to react to all the new exclusive deals with Apple Music and Tidal, this reaction has gotten mixed feedback. Many people who disliked the idea of having to flip between multiple apps and services to listen to their favorite artists, enjoy the idea that Spotify is keeping their music as public as possible. Other believe that Spotify still takes too much money of royalties from artists and exclusive deals provide more profit for the artists. I personally am relieved that they are trying to avoid exclusive deals.

(These feedbacks stated above are mostly from comments I have seen on different articles, they aren’t professional opinions for reference)



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